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#1 tool for paperwork haters and PR seekers

ImmigrateAI is your immigration co-pilot to help stay in Canada. It was trained on government immigration streams to identify the most suitable PR pathways for immigrants and provide step-by-step guidance.

How to use ImmigrateAI



Choose the province & launch ImmigrateAI

Ask questions & find answers to guide you to PR

Why immigrants love ImmigrateAI:

Without ImmigrateAI


With ImmigrateAI


Not sure which PR stream to choose

Spend hours on finding answers

Worry about your future in Canada

Identify your PR pathway

Get quick answers

Have peace of mind

How ImmigrateAI helped a Brazilian get closer to PR

- watch the testimonial

How ImmigrateAI helps


Canadian dream

Tons of paperwork


Immigration co-pilot

Many immigrants want to make Canada their home by obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency.

There are over 70 different streams with an immense number of requirements which can be overwhelming.

ImmigrateAI is trained on government guides to help you apply for permanent residency by simplifying the process.

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