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We empower immigrants for success while actively contributing to the progress of Canada's economy.

High-level immigration services

We are confident in your success

Our partner lawyer is an experienced Canadian Immigration lawyer, passionate about guiding individuals through their exciting, yet often complex, journeys to Canada

Easy and simple

Save yourself a headache and focus on things that you enjoy while our lawyers build your success with our legal services.

100% success guarantee

If we apply for your Study Permit and it gets refused - we will re-submit for free.

Information from the source

We actively collaborates with government and immigration leaders to stay informed. This commitment provides you with the most current and effective immigration strategies, ensuring a smooth journey to your new beginning.

Statement Of Purpose Builder

Used by 100+ Study Permit applicants across the world

Make a successful statement of purpose in minutes with

SOP Builder powered by AI

⚠️ Important update from the government
Starting from 2024, a letter of explanation (LOE/SOP) is a required document for a study permit application.

More explanation from the government:
This letter helps the visa officer to understand you and your goals, it explains:


 Why you want to study in Canada

→  That you understand your responsibilities as a student

You should include this letter if you decide to apply for a study permit, even if you don’t have to get a study permit for your program.

AI Tools Suite

Cutting-edge Immigration AI Toolkit


The first AI tool for immigrants to make a custom resume and cover letter


ImmigrateAI is your immigration co-pilot to help stay in Canada.

PR Indicator

Find out if your job leads to permanent residency

Requires to create an account

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