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Permanent Residency Application

Go from temporary to permanent with legal representation for PR

Have a legal consultation

Our partner lawyer will assess your profile to determine your options.

What's included in the package?

PR Strategy Consultation

Begin with a tailored strategy consultation, ensuring you have a clear and effective roadmap tailored to your unique circumstances.

Express Entry Profile Submission

We expertly handle the submission of your Express Entry (EE) profile, ensuring it's positioned for success.

Post-ITA PR application submission

We apply on your behalf while ensuring every element of your PR application is successful.

Detailed Information Collection

We delve deep to gather specific information pertinent to your application, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Start-to-Finish Guidance

From the initial steps to the final submission, our team is by your side, offering expert guidance every step of the way.

PR Application with a Distinct Edge

Elevate your application with our partner lawyer's cover letter, crafted to communicate directly to the IRCC. This letter not only highlights the strengths of your application but also speaks compellingly to the visa officer, giving your application a distinct advantage.

Supporting Documents Gathering & Review

Not only do we assist in gathering all necessary supporting documents, but we also meticulously review each one, ensuring they bolster your application effectively.

ITA Document Consolidation

Upon receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA), we provide rigorous document consolidation, ensuring your response is robust and compelling.

Want full support but can't commit to full payment? 

Split up the $3,500 (USD) investment into a 2x2 payment plan. Make 2 payments of $1,750 each. Contact for more details.
*Extra fee applies to provincial immigration streams.

Why choose our partner lawyer?


With over 500 clients serviced and a remarkable 98% success rate, our tailored strategy consultations, meticulous document review, and lawyer-crafted cover letters ensure a robust and compelling application, elevating the chances of success.


Our process is streamlined with start-to-finish guidance, express entry profile submission, and prompt action upon receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Ease of Use

Detailed support in information collection, document gathering, and review, alongside a simple two-part payment structure makes the application process straightforward and less daunting for clients.

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