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job-search stress

The first AI tool for immigrants to simplify job search.

Apply fast and easy with a custom resume and cover letter.

AI makes your life easier

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JobHelper: Powered by OpenAI

Empowering immigrants with innovation, our AI tool, powered by OpenAI, simplifies job search. Fast-track your application with a custom resume and cover letter, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Custom Resume Builder

Increase your chances of getting hired by crafting a tailored resume. Simple-to-use, fast, and effective.

Cover Letter Builder

Boost your interview chances with a personalized cover letter. Aligned with job-specific requirements.

Don't get left behind hundreds of people using AI to apply for jobs.

How to use JobHelper

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Experience innovation, affordability, and success with our AI tool designed for your job search needs. Step into a smarter approach for a fast and efficient application process on your educational journey in Canada.

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