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Legal Consultation

Speak with an immigration lawyer to assess your case and succeed 

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Legal Consultation

Speak with an immigration lawyer to make sure your strategy is the best for you and get your questions answered.

Work with Canadian immigration experts to avoid mistakes and build a new chapter.

What you get:

  • 50 minutes with an immigration lawyer

  • Get your unique questions answered


  • Have complete immigration guidance

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How likely? How easy? How fast?

  • Certainty to build a new chapter

Our success rate is 99% percent, meaning out of 100 clients we onboard, 99 are approved.

  • Easier with a guide

When you invest in working with an immigration lawyer, the legal headache becomes a walk in the park as you're never alone.


  • Get to Canada faster

When you have a guide show you the way, it's less likely to get lost or miss deadlines, get refused, or be misrepresented. 

Legal Consultation is perfect if:

  • Don't want to make legal mistakes

  • You don't have immigration expertise

  • You're interested in other immigration services and want to learn more about the best approach

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Client success:

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