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Welcome to
I'm Canada

The largest immigrant community in Canada

I'm Canada's values


We innovate today for a better tomorrow.


We aim to maintain the highest standards.

People centricity

We are all for people and about people.


We welcome all, no matter their looks or identity.

Community building

We are always stronger together.

300,000 +

 People in the community 

I'm Canada is a dynamic online community of over 300,000 newcomers in Canada, dedicated to empowering immigrants for success and contributing to the advancement of Canada's economy.

We prioritize community, emphasizing partnerships exclusively with companies that provide value to immigrants. Innovation is a key value, with a commitment to constantly evolving approaches to deliver exceptional results to both the community and business partners.

I'm convinced that immigrants are future leaders that will drive Canada forward, all they need is good support systems.

Max Medyk

CEO & Founder - I'm Canada

2,500 +

 Newcomers helped 

I'm Canada is more than just a community; it operates multiple ventures, including I'm Canada Immigrate - an ecosystem of tools to assist newcomers in Canada. From legal to settlement support.

Additionally, we developed a comprehensive suite of AI tools meticulously designed to facilitate and enhance the immigration journey to Canada. Tailored specifically for immigrants, this innovative suite harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and optimize various aspects of the immigration process.

Since 2020
we've  accomplished a lot 

Max Medyk's vision for I'm Canada extends beyond the online community. By 2023, he has led the development of immigration AI applications to further support newcomers' journeys in Canada. Max envisions immigrants as future leaders driving Canada forward and is dedicated to making them successful by providing the necessary tools.


This commitment is reflected in the mission of I'm Canada Media and its multifaceted approach to supporting newcomers in their Canadian journey.

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