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First AI tool for paperwork-haters and PR-seekers

ImmigrateAI is your immigration co-pilot to help stay in Canada

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ImmigrateAI: Powered by OpenAI

Trained on provincial immigration programs and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, it identifies optimal PR pathways and provides precise, personalized guidance. With the power of OpenAI, ensure a smooth transition to Canada.

Canadian dream

Many immigrants want to make Canada their home by obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency.

Tons of paperwork

There are over 70 different streams with an immense number of requirements which can be overwhelming.

Immigration co-pilot

ImmigrateAI is trained on government guides to help you apply for permanent residency by simplifying the process.

How to use ImmigrateAI

Register plan

Embrace innovation, affordability, and success with our AI tool tailored for your study visa needs. Welcome to a smarter way to embark on your educational journey in Canada.

Boost your PR confidence in Canada: 100% of users felt more assured after using ImmigrateAI

Included in ImmigrateAI

Unlimited Access

Enjoy unrestricted access to immigrateAI upon purchase, ensuring you have continuous support and information throughout your entire immigration process to Canada.

Personalized Guidance

Seamlessly navigate the complexities of immigration with a chat assistant that tailors responses to your specific needs, providing a personalized and responsive experience.

Intelligent Immigration Assistance

OpenAI's comprehensive background knowledge, as your intelligent chat assistant for immigration to Canada.

Clarity and Confidence

Gain confidence in your immigration journey with clear, concise, and reliable information, making your path to Canada smoother than ever.

Instant Answers

Get quick and accurate responses to your immigration queries, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience a new era of immigration assistance, where advanced AI technology and OpenAI, works together to provide unparalleled support for immigrants.

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