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What Is Humanitarian and Compassionate PR Application in Canada

What Is the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Application?

The H&C grounds application is a provision within Canadian immigration policy that allows individuals who are already in Canada and do not qualify under other immigration categories to apply for permanent residence based on humanitarian or compassionate considerations. This could include factors such as establishment in Canada, family ties, the best interests of children involved, or adverse conditions in their home country.


"You need to understand the government immigration targets in numbers and pay attention to the drop in H&C applications in the following 2 years. From almost 14,000 in 2024 to only 8,000 in 2025 and 2026." - Max Medyk

Why Is H&C Important?

The significance of H&C lies in its flexibility and the discretion it allows immigration officers in considering cases. It's designed for individuals who can demonstrate that forcing them to leave Canada would result in undue, unjust, or disproportionate hardship. This route highlights Canada's commitment to fairness and compassion in its immigration system, offering a lifeline to those with compelling humanitarian or compassionate grounds for staying in the country.

Challenges with the H&C Application

Applying under H&C grounds is not without its challenges. The process is subjective, with no fixed criteria for approval, making it one of the most complex and nuanced Canadian immigration pathways. Applicants must provide thorough and compelling evidence to demonstrate their hardship, including establishment in Canada, family ties, and the potential risks they face if returned to their home country.

What Happens If an H&C Application Is Rejected?

Rejection can be disheartening, but it's not always the end of the road. Applicants have the option to seek judicial review of the decision in Federal Court if they believe their application was not fairly assessed. This level of scrutiny underscores the importance of preparing a detailed and well-documented application from the outset.

Successful H&C Applications: An Overview

Success stories under the H&C category often involve applicants who have shown significant establishment in Canada, such as long-term residence, employment, community involvement, and family ties. These stories serve as a testament to the humane aspect of Canada's immigration policy, illustrating how individuals have overcome adversity to build a new life in Canada.

Who Can Rely on H&C?

While H&C applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, certain scenarios have historically seen positive outcomes. These include individuals with strong family connections in Canada, those who would face undue hardship if returned to their home country, and individuals who have become well-integrated into Canadian society.

Call to Action

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